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Bukavu: A Place to Relax After Visiting Gorillas

Bukavu: A Place to Relax After Visiting Gorillas


Bukavu, our home town is at 30 km of distance to the Kahuzi-Biega National Park where you can see the Grauer’s gorillas.
It’s the capital of the South Kivu Province. It is a hilly town facing Lake Kivu with a beautiful view. It was built in the 1901 by the Belgian authorities with a name “Costermansville” during the colonial period, which was later changed to its original name “Bukavu” in 1953. The population grew thanks to good climate, of which average high is about 25 Celsius degree.

Since 1996 the devastating war in the eastern DR Congo caused the loss of more than 5 millions of people and created a great fear in the hearts of many people. Poverty, unemployment and insecurity in surrounding areas caused migration of thousands of people into the town. The town is still on the long winding track of recovery. A life goes on.

When a climate is goog after rain, the Mount Kahuzi is clearly seen. Visitors can enjoy locally brewed beer at the Bralima brewery and also some imported beers from neighbor countries like Burundi.

Beers like Primus, Mutzig, Heineken, Turbo are brewed locally in Bukavu and they are very popular among the local people. Amstel beer is imported from Burundi. They go well with foods and dances, and then the life becomes soft for some time.

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