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Hiking Mount Kahuzi in Kahuzi Biega National Park will require you to have a valid Nyiragongo hiking permit and its takes two days one going and the other returning with an overnight stay at the summit of the Active Volcano, the Nyiragongo hiking permit can be booked through a tour operator and its costing USD 300.

As the name of the park of Kahuzi Biega Suggests, the part is made up of two mountains that are mount Kahuzi and mount Biega which are open for hiking and climbing after the gorilla trekking experience or gorilla Habituation holiday in Democratic republic of Congo with reliable tour rangers. Kahuzi Biega National Park is found on the southern end of lake kivu with the nearest town being Bukavu town that provides accommodations to travelers that are planning to visit Kahuzi Biega national park for a climbing tour , although there is camping at the park headquarter, i wouldn’t recommend camping as the place is not perfect like standards of camping . The Mountainous nature of the eastern part of Congo and the expansion of the park has enable tourism to boom and safety of the destination. Mount Kahuzi has the highest peak of 3308m with stunning views of Lake Kivu and Bukavu town.

Mount Kahuzi, whose name means “where the wind blows” in the local language, is the highest peak in the park with its 3308 m. After about 1h30 by vehicle from the center of Bukavu, the pedestrian ascent takes approximately 4 hours and the descent 3 hours. You will cross a succession of monospecific bamboo groves, Afro-mountain type forests and then very low and characteristic subalpine vegetation. The panorama from the top will allow you to discover on 360° the edges of Lake Kivu, the Kahuzi chain, but also the surprising Musisi marsh or, in the distance, the extended city of Bukavu.

Note: on prior request, it is possible to camp for one night at the top of Kahuzi, (accompaniment by eco-guards compulsory, possibility of renting tents).
Ascent of Mount Biega

Like Kahuzi, Mount Biega is an ancient volcano that has experienced different eruptions throughout history, now completely extinct. Its sides are dotted with ancient volcanic rocks. It is the second highest peak in the Park with an altitude of 2790m. The afro-alpine vegetation is remarkable and very characteristic. After about 2 hours of track by vehicle from the center of Bukavu, the ascent takes about 2h30 and the descent at most 1h30.

Climbing Mount Biega in Kahuzi Biega

Mount Biega lies at an altitude of 2790m and is the second highest peak in the park. It takes 6hrs on return with an awesome ecological experience whose vegetation is far much different from that of mount Kahuzi which is so much better to start the hike earlier. Other things to do in Kahuzi biega national park alongside Nature walks to visit the various trails with the park, Murais Musisi walking trail, Tshibati Waterfall trail, Mbayo Trail.

For the ascents, do not forget the essential equipment:

Good walking shoes
Fleece / waterproof jacket as the temperatures can be cold and the wind strong at the top
Observation binoculars (recommended)
At least 2 liters of water + a small snack

Mount Bugulumiza (Walking & Camping)

The name Bugulumiza means “flame” in the local language. Small summit (2400 m altitude) located about 6 km from the Tshivanga station, it is easily accessible by vehicle or on foot. It is the ideal place to start short hikes on the various routes laid out for this purpose, to set up a picnic or camping site there or simply to contemplate the splendid panorama offering, over 360°, a view of the Mounts Kahuzi and Biega, the dense forest or the shores of Lake Kivu.

Note that this is a territory regularly occupied by families of gorillas: if you remain discreet, the chance of a fortuitous and magical encounter may smile on you.

The hikes in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park are specific in that they take place in fairly high altitude areas (between 2200 and 2600 m), in an exceptionally mild climate and in a landscape setting that is not very common on the African continent. Features that always amaze visitors as much as the diversity of the landscapes crossed.

At Kahuzi Biega, a little curiosity and attentiveness will quickly prove to you that the forest does indeed contain a diversity of life rarely equaled.

Several types of hikes are possible in the park:

Hikes accompanied by guides
4×4 rides (idem)

According to your desires and requests, the park will always find a solution to satisfy you.
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Kahuzi-Biega National Park is the new destination of choice in East and Central Africa

For an extraordinary experience with gorillas surrounded by an exotic and wild nature with endless jungles.