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If you have not trekked Lowland Gorillas before, then when you do; do not miss out a chance of trekking the Eastern Lowland gorillas since it is one of Africa’s most adventurous safari of its own. It is a unique experience enjoyed only in DR Congo on the entire continent unlike mountain gorilla trekking that can be undertaken in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Gorilla trekking safaris in Congo are done in two National Parks; Eastern Lowland gorillas can be trekked in Kahuzi Biega National Park and mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park.


Those planning to track lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park, you are advised to book with one of the best local tour operators and the Congo gorilla permits costs ($400) per person for trekking and ($500) per person for Habituation.

  • Gorilla Safari Group Size: It’s only a maximum of eight individuals per day that are allowed to trek, this helps to reduce the spreading of diseases from humans to the gorillas.
  • Hours of Visiting: gorilla trekking takes place during day time and it’s between 8:00am to 7:00 pm
  • Time limit with gorillas: It’s strictly 1 hour allowed to spend with the lowland gorillas.
  • Age limit: You must be 15 years and above to be allowed to trek lowland gorillas in DRC


Booking can either be done through the park or a tour operator. Here mutual trust is observed between your tour operator or at Kahuzi park officials who make reservations and share the information among themselves to ease your access into the park. 


  1. Decide on which date(s) you would like to trek Gorillas

The first step is to decide on the date(s) you would like to trek Gorillas, and then your tour Operator will contact Kahuzi Biega offices. They will then reply advising on whether those date(s) are available or not. Assuming the date(s) you want are available, you will then proceed to the next step. If the dates are not available, then you will have to think of alternative date(s).

  1. Pay for your permit

Considering that you have received confirmation regarding the availability of Gorilla permits from your Tour Operator, and then you will proceed to make payment for your Gorilla permit via PESA PAL, BANK ACCOUNTS that your Tour Operator will provide you with. Ensure to get and keep a receipt for your transaction. How much is a Gorilla permit? Currently, the Gorilla permits in DRC cost $400 PP for foreign non – residents & for foreign residents.

  1. Send a scanned copy of your Passport (bios page) and payment receipt

You will be required to scan and send via email a copy of your passport. The page that matters most in your passport is that with your passport details i.e. names, date of birth, passport number etc. we call it the bios page. Tour operator will verify that payment has been done and thereafter they will send a confirmation of your booked gorilla permit. 


Lowland Gorilla permits are scarce and easily get sold out. You don’t want news of sorry we can’t go gorilla trekking. It is because of this that we recommend booking your Gorilla permits at least 3 – 6 months before your actual gorilla trekking date(s). Congo Safaris are getting very competitive nowadays to book and thus require in advance gorilla safari planning especially when it comes to booking Gorilla permits, getting good rates for close accommodation close to your Gorilla trekking location, arranging transport, booking domestic flights, where applicable and other vital logistics to facilitate a successful Gorilla trekking safari experience.


  1. Guaranteed Gorilla Trekking Permits

Whether trekking lowland gorillas in DRC, in- advance gorilla safari planning with a local tour operator guarantees you gorilla permits. Upon confirmation of your gorilla safari booking with Primate Safari Experiences (subject to our gorilla safari booking policy), your gorilla trekking will be booked, confirmed and guaranteed.

  1. Guaranteed Transport and Logistical availability

Gorilla permits are booked and guaranteed, and so is the accommodation. Next is the transportation and any other logistical support. Primate Safari Experiences operates a reliable fleet of 4×4 of Toyota land cruisers used on all our lowland gorilla trekking safaris in DRC.

  1. Guaranteed Gorilla Trekking Accommodation

After Primate Safari Experiences has secured your gorilla trekking permit, we immediately book the accommodation mentioned in your gorilla safari itinerary. In-advance gorilla safari planning allows us to book and lock in the price of the accommodation promised or desired by the client.