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Kahuzi Biega National Park always remained open for tourism and never experienced the political instability which affected the North Kivu region of Congo (and particularly Virunga). The park offers among the best experiences of gorilla trekking (the low-land gorillas only) and only the bad image of Congo as a whole contributed to discourage tourism to Kahuzi Biega.

However, we must encourage tourism in Kahuzi Biega because the park is safe and because tourism will always help the conservation of the low-land gorillas.

In 2013 there are a total of nine gorilla families in the park, of which two gorillas families are open for tourism, Chimanuka (with 37 members, 19 baby gorillas and 17 females with one silverback) and Mugaruka (one member only, Mugaruka). Two other families are under habituation: Mankoto and Mpungwe families. In 2011 the total estimated number of low land gorillas was 140 individuals.

In 1992 the park was counting 25 gorilla families and a total of 284 gorillas, but later on the instability of the country at the end of the Ninetieth also affected the park; fortunately, the recent years of instability elsewhere in Congo are not affecting again Kahuzi Biega.

Furthermore, among all the animal species found in the park, the eastern lowland gorillas dominate with the highest percentage.

Before the 1990’s conflicts the park had over 600 gorillas but according to 2008 status reports of the country, they showed a reduction of gorillas to around 125 lowland gorillas. By April 2011, basing on the census survey carried out, the Wildlife Conservation Society recorded at least 181 gorillas.

In Kahuzi Biega National Park are 9 gorilla families of which 2 families named Mugaruka and Chimanuka are habituated for tourists. They derive these names after the dominant male silverback. In the family of Chimanuka there are 36members including him (Chimanuka a male silverback), 18 infants aging between 6months and 9years old and 17 females. And the amazing thing about this family is that it has 4 that of twins which is a rare marvel in Eastern gorilla populations.