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International Airline Travel

Visitors to Kahuzi Biega National Park usually fly into Kigali international airport and take the 7-hour drive to the border crossing at Rusizi 1. International flights often arrive in the late afternoon or evening. For such arrivals, we recommend spending the night in Kigali and leaving for Bukavu the following morning.

Kahuzi Biega National Park can be accessed by various ways depending on the visitors interest but the most commonly used is the Road transport and it will require a 4X4 Fleet to enable you enjoy the gorilla trekking adventure.

How to get there

By Car/Bus:

From Rwanda, crossing the border at the town of Cyangugu, also called Kamembe (border post of Ruzizi I). Count 5 to 6 hours by road with your own vehicle from Kigali to Bukavu.
From Burundi, also crossing Rwanda (Ruwa border then Ruzizi I), count 3 hours between Bujumbura and Bukavu.
From Goma, taking the road that runs along Lake Kivu, count 5 to 6 hours of a difficult track but in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

By boat :

Several operators make daily trips between Goma and Bukavu. Tickets for speedboats (2 hours) cost an average of 50 USD and larger, slow boats (6 hours) cost between 8 and 25 USD. You can buy tickets at the Port of Goma and/or Bukavu. It is advisable to get the tickets at least a day in advance.

By plane :

The nearest international airports are in Goma (2 hours by boat), Bujumbura, Burundi (3 hours drive) and Kigali, Rwanda (+ 6 hours drive) or Kigali – Kamembe flight (35 min).

Guided Tours to Kahuzi Biega National Park

Most tours to Kahuzi-Biega national park start from Rwanda with pick-ups in Kigali city or Cyangugu town. Other tourists may also prefer to fly into Goma International Airport where you will find our company guide waiting for you. It takes about 6-7 hours to drive from Kigali City to Kamembe in Cyangugu town via the Rusizi I road. After crossing the borders at Goma and Bukavu, travelers will have to drive for about 2 hours to get to the national park.

Alternatively, visitors can choose to board a flight from Kigali Airport and land in Goma Airport, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a very convenient mode of transport to the DRC. Once in Goma, travelers can drive 230km to the national park.

Kahuzi Biega National Park in eastern Congo is located 30 Kms from Bukavu Town and it takes one and Half Drive to enter into the national park and its can be accessed by road and by air however travelers have to understand that from kavumu airport and at Miti, take left and keep going straight until you reach the visitor centre.