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Community Outreach Pays Off

Community Outreach Pays Off


Never lose hope when engaging in public awareness and education in the protection of biodiversity. A once fierce group that never wanted to hear about the park has just proven after several awareness sessions organized by Kahuzi-Biega National Park has just proven for the umpteenth time that it has changed its attitude.

This team has just arrested and snatched from the hands of poachers a baby gorilla called “Lulingu”. This baby gorilla who wanted to be sold in Bukavu saw his destination changed from a market to a rehabilitation center instead. He was handed over to Dr. Radar Nishuli, Director and Site Manager of Kahuzi-Biega who, after clinical examinations, sent him to Lwiro where he is under quarantine and medical monitoring by veterinary wildlife specialists at the occurrence Martin Kabuyaya and Lina Ntabiruba respectively agents of Gorillas Doctors and Coopera/ICCN.

the director with the baby gorilla in the cagethe director with the baby gorilla

The Radar Director then handed him over to Dr. Lina Ntabiruba who keeps him until now at the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center with the assistance of Dr. Martin Kabuyaya.

Delivery of the baby gorilla to Dr. Lina by Director Radar

After quarantine, on the instructions of the Director General of the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation, Dr. Cosma Wilungula, he will be transferred to Senkwenkwe in Rumangabo in Virunga National Park to join the other primates kept there.

The Kahuzi-Biega National Park needs more resources for its environmental education program but also and above all to support its intelligence service.

We thank once again these friends of nature who have just proven that it is not excluded that a poacher becomes a conservationist if he is well informed and involved in protection.

We also thank Mr. Emmanuel Demerode of Virunga National Park for granting his plane to facilitate the transfer of this baby gorilla from PNKB to Rumangabo at the senkwekwe rehabilitation center.

Thank you to all those who are willing to support the Park in its fight to convert former poachers and enemies of the park into conservationists and friends of nature.

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