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Dominance Divides Up a Gorilla Family

Dominance Divides Up a Gorilla Family


A history of the females tears apart the kingdom of Silver back Cimanuka

Any nature lover who has passed through Kahuzi Biega National Park for a decade now must necessarily remember the famous Silverback Cimanuka, a gorilla that is the pride of PNKB in terms of tourism. Cimanuka’s story rhymes with a multitude of females. He alone manages more than twenty females.
Silverback, kahuzi biega, females, spaces, alliances
silverback cimanuka observing his family crossing the road.

family life

In January 2003, he was born in the family of the famous Cimanuka, naturally the baby bore the name of Bonane which simply means new years. Eleven years later, that is to say in 2014 the juvenile Bonane reaches maturity as is customary with graueri gorillas which reach maturity at 12 years of age.

Reaching maturity involves a number of behaviors in male individuals, including the conquest of females and a living space. Which is not without risk because it risks affecting the interests of the powerful father Cimanuka whose authority and affection for females and territorial occupation are well established.
The father and son fight for women and space.

In this year the young Bonane tries to recover some females to make his own family. This attempt ended in a crushing defeat, his father hit him and chased him out of the family because such behavior is unforgivable.
Bonane, eastern lowland gorilla (gorilla graueri berengei), Kahuzi Biega
an eastern lowland gorilla, the species that can only be visited in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Long solitary Bonane tries a new incursion, this time is the right one at home, the weight of age already weighs on his father’s shoulders, he manages to snatch three females from him, having women leads to an additional need which is the conquest of living space.

Always reckless, he hunts his father in his sector and reigns there as absolute master. Another family that bordered its vital sector was not spared its desire to occupy and delight everything. He also manages to snatch a female from the powerful Mpugwe because it is about him. He now has 5 females in his little kingdom which continues to grow. .

The two great families, including Cimanuka and Mpungwe, forced to wander, Bonane now reigns supreme in the tourist sector of Kahuzi Biega.

The month of July brings with it the dry season, suddenly food becomes scarce, the two families driven out by the young conqueror Bonane make an unholy alliance to try to drive Bonane out of his sector and reconquer this space which is rich in fruit.

On July 9, 2017, Bonane noticed the enemies in his sector feeling threatened and decided to fight with his father. He thought history was going to repeat itself, but this time his father threw all his strength into battle, but also convinced all of Bonane’s younger brothers to join him, to finish off the mighty Bonane, because he is about survival.
Wisdom trumps physical strength

The strategy pays off, Bonane gives in after a tough fight alone against several.

Wounded, bleeding everywhere he managed to escape, all the females dispersed.

For two days Bonane was seen by locators walking with difficulty. 7 days later certainly out of love, the females got together and tried to locate Bonane in her escape. Luckily for him, they spotted him.
kahuzi Biega, females, cimanuka , living spaces
Bonane in complete solitude after the defeat of a fight against his father and allies.

Today Bonane, despite his injuries, is gradually resuming his normal life. Main lessons, physical strength is not enough to reign, the old always have other strategies that we will always need in life. It is believed that Bonane will change his behavior after his misadventure.

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