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Multiple Fights Did not Stop Bonane’s ambitions

Multiple Fights Did not Stop Bonane’s ambitions


Bonane, born in 2003, from the CIMANUKA family. He left his family around (2012) to form
his own family with 2 females. A famous and much more visited family in the PNKB with all these individuals accustomed to the human presence. At 15, he began to undergo less aggressive interactions, especially since he remains today robust and already totaled 12 individuals.

As of May 24, 2019, he has a new birth and already totals 13 individuals followed regularly.

On May 30, 2019, he suffered a more aggressive interaction with an untracked savage and still with his 2 females in the high altitude Birembo sector. As that was not enough, on 05/31/2019 a second pursuit of the same savage was observed to try to delight some females from the Sylverback Bonane but in vain.

The valiant Bonane, out of breath, tired and injured in the nose, in the right shoulder and on the fingers of the right arm but resists and maintains the family balance with all his females and children. Above all, it remains valiant but requires regular monitoring in order to find assistance from our guides and trackers.
Bonane receives visitors almost every day of the week. He controls his vital sector from Birembo to Mbuli without worry.

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