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Park Ranger Succumbs to Injuries After Collision

Park Ranger Succumbs to Injuries After Collision


The Kahuzi de Biega National Park, a World Heritage site, is deeply saddened to announce the death of one of its valiant ecoguards in the person of Munganga Nzonga Jacques. The sad event occurred during the pursuit of incivics who looted the property of peaceful citizens on National Road No. 3 crossing the Park. During the exchange of fire, the ecoguard was injured by a bullet, taken to the General Reference Hospital of Miti, he died of his injuries during surgery.

A complaint against the unknown has been sent to the military prosecutor and investigations to identify the perpetrators of this crime which will not go unpunished are underway. In the pain of the entire administrative, scientific and technical team of the PNKB, as well as his biological family, the eco-guard MUNGANGA NZONGA Jacques was accompanied to his last resting place on October 4, 2016.

To immortalize his bravery and his merit in conservation , the latter now rests at the headquarters in Tshivanga next to his pairs the dean Tracker Pilipili PURUSI the first Pygmy to have contributed to the habituation of the family of Gorilla CASIMIR to the human presence and the curator Adrien Deschryver the co-Founder of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park.MUNGANGA NZONGA Jacques was born on May 15, 1990 in Buoro in the BAGANA group, the Chiefdom of BULOHO, Kalehe Territory. He graduated from the state in general pedagogy in 2014. He was selected and recruited by the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation in Kahuzi-Biega National Park this year 2016 as ecoguard for the 2016 session, he completed his training with distinction, the latter had already shown his bravery at the TSHIVANGA rapid intervention unit and at the KATASOMWA patrol post.

The PNKB in particular and the ICCN in general, in its mission to protect nature, pays tribute to this valiant ecoguard, who died for the noble cause of which all of humanity is a beneficiary. We ask people of good will and friends of nature to support us by assisting the family that he has just left us through a monetary contribution to be paid into our account. The deceased largely arise at the need of his family.

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